Friday, 28 September 2007

Hotting up

Things are really hotting up here now. All three of us have had some sort of ailment which had brought us "low" but we are, I am happy to report, "on full form again".

The images and text have gone off to the printers for our Catalogue which will be available as a PDF. It will also be available in hard copy by Royal Mail.

We are frantically making our mailing lists for invitations and prodding the Press Releases into appropriate post boxes.

There is a lot of creative work to finish off too. The best work is always completed under pressure.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are all better now. Looking forward to the show. Do you have a Private View?

Robert said...

Only minor ones and long gone now thank you.

We will be having two Private Views, Monday evening and Tuesday lunch time. I will post exact times up shortly.