Thursday, 4 October 2007

Countryside Exhibition Pictures

More pictures of work will be submitted in due course. The picture at the top is Jo Burchell with some dogs on a Dorset hillside. It was used to support an article on Dorset Art Weeks in the Times newspaper.

This picture above is "The A Team", a small work in progress. The English Springer Spaniel carrying a partridge is a prize winning work both are by Robert Mileham.

The equestrian painting below is a favourite by Katie Scorgie.


Anonymous said...

all looks amazing, who do the knees belong to ? is that a full height person?

Robert said...

Welcome Anonymous
The knees belong to a project (sounds terrible) of a figure 45 inches tall. There are pictures of her here as "work in progress" but I have done a lot more work since then. Do hope you will come to our exhibition.

jarvenpa said...

Wow. I so wish I could come visit your exhibition. I love the wire dogs and the flesh dog together. In my region there is an artist who works in chickenwire forming mountain lions and poodles and other critters, life size. They have found homes in various fancy municipal buildings in the city up north. I am always enchanted to discover one.

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.